Life-Changing Chicken(less) Bouillon Powder

Make your own vegan chicken-style bouillon powder with 7 ingredients, 1 food processor, and less than 10 minutes. It’s a staple ingredient in our kitchen and will up-level your entire cooking game. Use it to make THE most flavorful chicken-free broth for soups, stews, seitan + tofu marinades, etc.

This vegan chicken bouillon powder is nothing new on this blog. We use it in pretty much everything.

We often refer to it as chicken(less) noodle soup powder because it originated with our favorite vegan chicken noodle soup recipe.

Whether you’re familiar or not, this simple herb & spice mix has the ability to completely revolutionize your cooking. (Even if you barely know how to boil water!)

You can use this homemade vegan bouillon powder in any recipe that calls for vegetable or chicken broth.

The taste is incredible. It’s a dead-on flavor match for the chicken broth we all grew up loving with a thick, comforting texture!

With just 7 ingredients, 1 food processor, and 10 minutes, you can create THE most amazing vegan chicken bouillon power at HOME.

Let’s do this!

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Make your own vegan chicken-style bouillon powder with 7 ingredients, 1 food processor, and less than 10 minutes. Use it to make THE most flavorful chicken-free broth for soups, stews, seitan + tofu marinades, etc. #vegan #veganchicken #veganrecipe #easyveganrecipe #nutritionalyeast #turmeric #plantbased #plantpowercouple //

How to Make Homemade Bouillon

All you have to do is pop the following ingredients in a blender or food processor, pulse a few times until everything is powdery and combined, and voila! Homemade vegan bouillon powder!

With the exception of the nutritional yeast, all of these ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store! Nothing too crazy or fancy here.

In fact, if you’re anything like us, you might already have the ingredients in your pantry right now!

Nutritional Yeast:

This acts as both a base and mild thickener, giving the broth both flavor AND body. Do not skip this one; it’s essential! If you’re new to nutritional yeast (We dig this brand.), note that this is NOT interchangeable with things like brewer’s yeast.

Sea Salt:

We like a good salty bouillon but not too salty, like those bouillon cubes you buy at the store. This recipe is pretty much the Goldilocks of saltiness for our tastes. However, if you prefer a less salty bouillon, feel free to reduce this by as much as 1/2 but be aware it will alter the overall flavor and intensity. 

Onion Powder:

This is a constant ingredient in almost every spice mix in the history of spice mixes. Sometimes, T will use ½ onion powder and ½ garlic powder, but either way, this one is ESSENTIAL!


This ingredient adds a signature chicken-y flavor, anti-inflammatory benefits, and that iconic sunshiney color.

Italian Seasoning:

Feel free to replace this with either dried basil or dried oregano (or a mix of both), depending on what you have on hand.

Dried Thyme:

I really love a hint of thyme in this vegan chicken bouillon powder. If you’re into dill, you can sub that or try a mix of both!

Celery Salt:

A little bit goes a long way, and holy WOW does it bring every flavor together in cozy comforting glory. If you’re reducing salt, reduce the sea salt as mentioned above, but we highly recommend including this. 

How to Use Vegan Chicken Bouillon

Short answer: Add it to EVERYTHING. Actually everything. I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but it just makes any dish it touches taste unequivocally better.

Slightly longer answer: Mix 1 Tbsp bouillon powder per 1 cup of hot water to make a vegan chicken broth that can be used for:

Cooking Rice or Other Grains:

If you’re used to cooking rice or quinoa in chicken broth, make a 1:1 switch with this stuff and get ready to have your mind BLOWN.

Rehydrating Soy Curls:

If you use soy curls, this broth is going to be a major game-changer. Instead of hydrating your soy curls in plain ol’ water, add a burst of flavor by switching the water out for broth made with this chicken bouillon.

Sore Throat Remedy:

There is nothing better than a hot mug of this broth when I have a sore throat. You can even throw in a pinch of cayenne to help clear out the sinuses (if spicy is your thing). Sometimes I add a squeeze of lemon too. Either way, I highly recommend it!

Soups + Stews:

It is a critical ingredient in many of our soups, like our vegan chicken stew and vegan chicken noodle soup – both recipes that are on regular rotation in this house!


We use this bouillon powder to make our vegan condensed cream of chik’n soup which is a key component to veganizing all your favorite childhood casseroles.


This bouillon powder does a killer job adding chicken-y flavor to all your favorite tofu or seitan recipes. We use them to flavor our tofu cutlets among other things!


This bouillon makes the BEST vegan gravy. Seriously, we make this stuff every year for Thanksgiving, and without fail, someone ends up drinking the last remnants straight from the gravy boat. 😁


For ramen, broth is KEY. And this homemade bouillon makes theeee most perfect ramen broth, like in our vegan zoodle ramen recipe. Move over, flavor packet!


Grab a FULL list of every single recipe we’ve created using this bouillon powder in this post here. (There are A LOT…in case you needed even MORE of a reason to make this stuff!)

Make your own vegan chicken-style bouillon powder with 7 ingredients, 1 food processor, and less than 10 minutes. Use it to make THE most flavorful chicken-free broth for soups, stews, seitan + tofu marinades, etc. #vegan #veganchicken #veganrecipe #easyveganrecipe #nutritionalyeast #turmeric #plantbased #plantpowercouple //

Other Handy Spicy Mixes:

We’d love to know how you use this homemade vegan bouillon powder!

When you give it a go, be sure to rate it and leave a comment below or tag us in your genius ideas on Instagram! If you’re not already following along, we’re @theplantpowercouple with the “the”. 

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 It’s gonna be so much fun seeing what you cook up! 😁

This post was originally published on 20 September 2018 which means there are a ton of helpful comments below from others who have made this recipe. Be sure to check them out or comment with your own question, so we can add to the collective knowledge!

Make your own vegan chicken-style bouillon powder with 7 ingredients, 1 food processor, and less than 10 minutes. Use it to make THE most flavorful chicken-free broth for soups, stews, seitan + tofu marinades, etc. #vegan #veganchicken #veganrecipe #easyveganrecipe #nutritionalyeast #turmeric #plantbased #plantpowercouple //

Homemade Vegan Chicken Bouillon Powder

Brittany Roche
Make your own vegan chicken-style bouillon powder with 7 ingredients, 1 food processor, and less than 10 minutes. It’s a staple ingredient in our kitchen and will up-level your entire cooking game. Use it to make THE most flavorful chicken-free broth for soups, stews, seitan + tofu marinades, etc.
4.80 from 137 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Spice Mixes
Calories 50 kcal



  • Add all the ingredients to a small blender or food processor and pulse until everything is combined and powder-y.
  • TO STORE: Store in an air-tight jar or container in your spice cabinet or pantry.
  • TO MAKE BROTH: Use 1 Tbsp bouillon powder per 1 cup of hot water. Mix them together until the powder is completely dissolved. Use this to replace vegetable or chicken broth in all your favorite recipes and get ready for your life to change!



Serving: 1TbspCalories: 50kcalCarbohydrates: 6gProtein: 6gFat: 1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gSodium: 1485mgFiber: 4g
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Make your own vegan chicken-style bouillon powder with 7 ingredients, 1 food processor, and less than 10 minutes. Use it to make THE most flavorful chicken-free broth for soups, stews, seitan + tofu marinades, etc. #vegan #veganchicken #veganrecipe #easyveganrecipe #nutritionalyeast #turmeric #plantbased #plantpowercouple

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  1. This is great I can't wait to try this recipe . I hate to buy those mock chicken seasoning bouillon because the ingredients are not good . How many servings would you say are in this recipe ?
      1. Absolutely scrumptious!!! I used it to replace chicken boullion in a tomato soup and also for the vegan cutlet recipes. Thank you so much

        5 stars

  2. I'm very excited to try this - the chickenless bouillon I buy in the store has a chemical off taste in some dishes, so I'm hoping this will flavor everything perfectly!
      1. We've enjoyed this in so many different dishes. Amazing flavor combination. It is quite versatile. Thank you!
  3. For a quart portion (32 oz), 1/4 cup sea salt plus celery salt seems like a terribly unhealthy amount of salt
    1. Hey, Donna! It may seem like a lot when you look at it as a whole, but we recommend using 1 Tbsp powder to 1 cup water so it's pretty diluted and a lot less salt than you'd find in a commercial bouillon. But of course, the great part about making it yourself is that you can use less or more of whatever you want!
      1. I've been enjoying making this, but I have left out the sea salt, so I can control how much salt goes into the broth. From my experience, I have ended up with about 1.25 cups of powder (the nutritional yeast has lots of air pockets before it's ground down), which means it yields approximately 20 tablespoons of powder (20 servings). 1/4 cup of salt plus 1 tsp celery salt contains about 30,000 mg of sodium, so that's 1,500 mg of sodium per cup of broth. Leaving out the sea salt entirely and leaving in the celery salt would make it 100 mg of sodium per serving. I just finished my celery salt and am going to replace it with just celery seed to make it sodium-free. Then I can have full control over how much sodium goes into each serving.

        4 stars

          1. Hi, Susan. It would be totally fine to half the ingredients for a smaller batch...but of course that means you'll be making your next batch that much sooner!! LOL! Kidding. But sincerely, we really hope you enjoy it!
    2. Well, if I did the math right, the salt equals 1t salt per cup of mix. But as you only use 1T of mix in a cup of water, the amount of sea salt is only 1/16th of the tablespoon diluted in 8oz of water. Couldn't figure for the celery salt as there's no way to know the percentage of salt. You could always use celery seed [no salt] -- maybe 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon.
    3. You can make it salt free then add pinches of salt at a time for each recipe that you add it to. I couldn’t believe how delicious this was. Just now made it to drink as a cup of broth before bed.
    1. Of course! I personally don't like nutritional yeast to be the main flavor... You can make soups with water and any seasonings, there is no right way to make delicious food! things I would try instead is miso (keep in fridge and add to soup right after removed from heat), or to add to the room-temp spice, I'd use mushroom powder (I just put dry mushrooms into a spice/coffee grinder) and call it mushroom bullion instead of no-chicken boillion. :) Might need to add more salt to taste. If you need thickening agents, you can google online what to add to soups to thicken. Many people just blend a cooked potato to add, or other blended veggies. :) Good luck on your cooking ventures!
      1. Thank you SO MUCH for this information, Krissy!! Nutritional yeast gives me a migraine so I haven't been able to make any chickenless bouillon, as every recipe I have found says it is essential. I had not thought of using mushroom powder. I'm going to try it.
        1. In place of the nutritional yeast, try powdering soy curls (or just soy protein flakes) and sifting through a fine sieve. That will give you a protein flavour and slight thickening. To add the missing cheese/egg/chicken flavour that the yeast lends this bouillon, dehydrate and powder some mild white miso. I made a recipe very much like this one back in the 90s from a flavouring broth developed by a vegan chef in the late 70s. I didn't use Italian seasoning because it does not go into chicken stock made from chicken. I did make and add some powdered dehydrated carrots, celery, and leeks. To turn this bouillon into a "turkey" broth suitable for a gravy for stuffing and harvest veg, add some black pepper, a good pinch of sage, and a drop of mushroom soy sauce (or else use mushroom powder and regular soy sauce).

          4 stars

        2. Hi Sunshine, I'm not sure what brand of nutritional yeast gave you a migraine but if the nutritional yeast that you were using was fortified with synthetic vitamins, I wonder if the synthetic vitamins are what caused the migraine or if it really was the nutritional yeast itself. I buy Sari Foods UNfortified nutritional yeast from Amazon and there are some other brands of UNfortified nutritional yeast that also has no added vitamins, just the naturally occurring vitamins contained in the yeast. Just thought I would let you know in case you wanted to give it a try.
  4. I’m back - I’ve made this 3x now and it is like the secret ingredient in my cooking. So very good!!! Bravo to you!

    5 stars

  5. This is awesome! So much thanks for sharing this recipe! This way I know all the ingredients of my bouillon (no added junk) and I can use it for all kind of dishes! I don't wanna use any other bouillon rather than this one, LOVE it! 😁

    5 stars

  6. This sounds like an awesome recipe. I can't wait to give it a try. There are so many awesome vegan recipes out there that I will never go back to my former way of eating. Thank you!

    5 stars

  7. This stuff is AMAZING! We use it exclusively as our bouillon/broth now. It just seems to up the game in every recipe. I just used it in a cheesy enchilada soup recipe I make (which was already good), but this knocked it out of park! I'm so happy you shared this one and I'm so glad I found it!
  8. This look great! I have a question. If I don't have like the premixed "italian season", what can I use instead??
  9. Thanks for this recipe. I just made an awesome soup with it and my family was very happy!

    5 stars

  10. How much less salt ? Would 1/8 c of salt instead of 1/4 cup be enough? Don't have celery salt. Is recipe best with its use? Thank you for your reply.
    1. Hey, Catherine! It all depends on your tastes. I like a nice salty bouillon, so I like the full 1/4 cup. Experiment with it and let us know what you think! I do highly recommend the celery salt though. It adds such a terrific flavor!
  11. I'm not clear on how to use the bouillon powder. When making a soup that calls for 1 32oz. carton of veg. or chicken broth, do I substitute with 4 cups of water mixed with the bouillon powder.? Or 2 cups water to 1 cup rice, or any other grain, is it 2 c. prepared b.powder broth? Also, chicken noodle soup recipe- -can you just add 2 tsp dill to the soup rather than making another batch of b.powder.I am even thinking of adding the the dill to the original recipe for all recipes I make.Looking forward to making this b.power recipe. Thank you for your reply.
    1. When using the bouillon to make broth, use 1 Tbsp bouillon for every cup of water. So, for 4 cups of broth, you'd mix 4 Tbsp bouillon with 4 cups warm water until dissolved. Then, use the broth as you would chicken or vegetable broth. Sorry about the confusion on the chicken noodle soup recipe; that was an old post that was recently updated. But yes! Totally add the dill separately and to the bouillon if you're a fan of that taste. I hope this helps! :)
  12. What a great recipe! Im so looking forward to making it. I wonder if it would be possible to leave out the onion powder or substitute it with something else as I have an allergy to onion? This also makes it difficult for me to buy the vegan Bouillon powder as that contains onion too!
    1. Hi, Caterina! It would definitely change the flavor, but I'd say it's worth a try! You could even try replacing it with garlic powder if garlic isn't an issue. Let us know how it goes!
  13. I have no idea what kind of alchemy this is but it is AMAZING! How in the world did you figure out how to make nooch taste like chicken? It’s SO good!

    5 stars

  14. Is there a difference with nutritional yeast flakes and one that is more ground? Would I adjust the amount?
  15. In my adult life, I have never made a delicious chicken soup UNTIL TODAY! Thank you, it’s perfect! I can’t wait to use it with ramen as well!

    5 stars

  16. Found another use for this miracle powder: Added about a tablespoon to almond pulp leftover from making a quart of almond milk. Tossed in a smidge of Bob’s Red Mill Vegan Egg and one tablespoon of water. Rolled it out, baked for 20 minutes and we had yummy crackers!
    1. OOOOHHH!!! Kristina, what a GREAT idea! I'm imagining those old "chicken in a biskit" crackers in the blue box my grandmother always had, anything like that?! Thanks for the wonderful tip!
  17. Just made my first batch and I'm blown away. It doesn't just taste like chicken broth, it tastes like GOOD chicken broth. It's magic. I can't wait to try it to flavor seitan and soy curls. Thank you so much!

    5 stars

    1. Yesss! I'm so excited you like the recipe, Kerrie. And I think you're REALLY going to love it used with soy curls and seitan. Thank you so much for your kind words! :)
  18. I made it, tasted it in hot water and then added a few things. It was worth making, and I am interested to see how it will deepen the flavor of certain soups and other things! With winter coming one soon, there will be lots of "chicken" soup.
  19. As someone who is not vegan, but always looks for delicious meat alternatives, this is delicious. It tastes just like chicken bullion. I will definitely be making more.

    5 stars

  20. YUM!! This bouillon powder is fantastic!! I made a half batch because I had been disappointed with other attempts at a decent no-chicken bouillon. After blending the ingredients, I made a test cup. I was floored! I used the remaining broth to rehydrate some TVP and using 4 tbs. in my SoupMaker to make a No-Chicken Noodle. BRAVO!! Any chance you made a No-Beef powder?

    5 stars

    1. Thanks, Willow! You strike me as a person with very discerning tastes, so I am QUITE glad to hear we made the cut! Very happy you enjoyed it! We do not currently have a no-beef bouillon, but we are working on it! Stay tuned!
  21. I can repeat all of the praise in previous comments. I used this in a broccoli rice casserole and drank it as a broth and both were stellar. And this, even though I had to substitute dill for celery seed since celery seed is hard to find where I live in Germany. Thanks so much Brittany and Terrence. I don't think I'll never buy veggie bouillon again!

    5 stars

    1. No need, Stella! Ground/Powdered turmeric is what we use in the recipe. (Wait...unless you mean fresh-ground turmeric root. Get back to me if that's the case. If you purchased it powdered in the spice aisle, you're good to go!)
  22. TOTALLY AGREE! Ten stars! Excellent substitute for Chicken Bouillon! Amazing! I cook greens (collards, turnips, kale) with vegetable bouillons (onions, bell pepper and smokey Mesquite seasonings), but the bouillon is too salty. I looked up the low sodium Better Than Bouillon and it was 21% sodium vs for the regular (31%). Not low enuf for me. ....And then I found this recipe. OH MY! And it works! (I only used 1 Tbsp of salt, 1 cup of nutritional yeast, 1 Tbsp garlic powder, 2 tbsp of onion powder and 1 Tbsp of poultry seasoning, but suit yourself. The recipe is totally what works for you!). I highly recommend! You will not be disappointed! Get the 10 “chicken” recipe book too! Can’t wait to make the condensed soup and “Chicken” Pot Pie! Whoot Whoo!

    5 stars

    1. Thank you for all the wonderful praise, Sarah! And we're so glad you could make the sodium content work for you! I love to cook greens in this as well (with a little smoked salt). Can't wait to hear what you think of the pot pie and the condensed soup. Make sure you get back to us!
  23. I am so very pleased that I tried this. I wanted a "homemade" chicken noodle soup but of course without the chicken. I also didn't want to invest loads into it by buying a packaged product I might not like. I was hesitant about this, only because I have never used nutritional yeast, but I was well pleased with the finished product. Just wanted to say this works great for the intended purpose and thanks loads and bunches.

    5 stars

    1. Well thank YOU loads and bunches for the very kind words, Vee! We are so very happy you enjoyed it, and PLEASE let us know if we can steer you in the direction of any other "chicken" recipe you might want to make with this! Have a great day!
  24. I read your response this bouillon recipe lasts "several months". I simply would appreciate it if you would explain if the bouillon mixture is to stay on the counter or should I place this in the refrigerator? 1) I am looking forward to making your recipe. 2) I have every intention of making your other recipes. I know you are busy, but I would be grateful for a response to my question. Thank you.
    1. Hi, Karen, thanks for your question. After you've made it, you can just put the jar back in your spice cabinet/on the counter. Nothing in it is perishable or needs to be refrigerated. Hope this helps!
      1. I did not read closely enough. Brittany did answer a previous query about the length of time the bouillon would last. Also, she did write it would last in the "spice cabinet" for months. (I thought I had an IQ equal to a carrot...hmmmm) Thank you Terrence for your timely response and for being diplomatic enough not to write "Karen, Brittany did explain where to store the bouillon".
  25. I used dried celery leaves instead of celery salt, since I can't find it in the shops. Love this recipe!! It is now a pantry basic!! Thank you so much for sharing it

    5 stars

  26. Non recipe question please. Does the turmeric stain the food processor and if so how do you clean it? Dying to try this and your chicken stew!

    5 stars

  27. I had this powder on hand because I use it for your crockpot chicken and rice (fabulous btw) and I was making a soup that called for veggie broth. In a panic, I realized I had none, but then I remembered the broth powder. I used this mixed with water and it was perfect! and way cheaper than a carton of broth! I'm never buying broth again!

    5 stars

  28. The taste of this is fantastic. Just one question: I tried it by combining a T of the mixture to 1cup instant hot water from the hot water dispenser installed as part of my sink. (It makes hot water hot enough for my French press.). As I indicated, the taste was outstanding, but at the bottom of the mug was a sort of sludge. Does this sludge go away if you use boiling water?

    4 stars

    1. Hi, Dana, I'm so glad you liked it! To answer your question: yes, the sludge will go away if you use water at a true boil-temp and stir well. (My understanding of the instant hot dispensers is, as you said, they make the water just hot enough for coffee, etc, but it's not at an actual temperature of boiling water.) Thanks, and hope this helps clear it up.
  29. Hi! I’m really excited to try this - reviews look great. I wondered if you had a recommendation for subbing out onion powder. I’m going low FODMAP which means no onion or garlic. Appreciate your help!
    1. Hi, Nicole! I'd suggest maybe starting with a half teaspoon of ground fennel and adding maybe a quarter to a half teaspoon more of ground thyme. See how that works for you in the flavor department and adjust from there. Hope this helps you!
  30. This recipe is great! Used less salt and omitted celery salt. Also added some poultry seasoning. Used in the Chikn Veggie Pot Pie. AMAZING!!! I also use this with some healthy ramen. I never use the flavor pack anyway and now just use this. Nothing could be better! Thanks so much!

    5 stars

  31. Pleasantly surprised at how good the bouillon is. My measurements were off here and there, but it works. Made a cup of broth afterwards.

    5 stars

  32. This was SCRUMPTIOUS! Made a cup of broth out of this before bed and just added a pinch of salt and pepper since I made the seasoning powder salt free. I also added a tiny dab of garlic vegan butter to my cup of broth. I started off making a half batch, but after I tasted it, I made the other half since the ingredients were already out 😉 Thanks a million, Terrence and Brittany.

    5 stars

  33. I was sceptical but…..I’m sold. And I’m not even vegan! Thank you. I used it in a marinade for lemon pepper tofu which uses the frozen tofu method. It’s delicious and will become a staple.
  34. The chickenless bouillon is a staple in my house. Has been since you first posted it. Also the coconut back salt! To die for on popcorn or in a pasta salad. Sprinkled on a tomato for a BLT dupe. Yum!!
  35. Oh wow! I made this up using just 2 T of salt and celery seed instead of celery salt. Dumped a couple of tablespoon in with my beans in the crockpot. My house smells amazing. Can't wait until the beans are done.
  36. This is the best stuff I have in my cabinets, used as a marinade for tofu and soy curls for my salads. So easy to make, I am on my third batch, works well on everything, thank you for the recipe.

    5 stars

  37. WOW! Not a vegan or vegetarian here, but just trying to have more meatless meals. I am very skeptical of recipes that are "tastes like", BUT this is the BOMB!! It even smells like chicken bouillon. This will definitely be a staple in my pantry from now on. I used it for your "chicken" pot pie recipe. That is a must try recipe for sure. It was fantastic. Thank you for sharing.
  38. I just made your recipe, but only made 1/2 because I've tried others and didn't care for them and didn't want to waste the ingredients if I didn't care for this one. But, oh my goodness! It is delicious!!! I made half a cup of broth using hot water and 1/2 tablespoon of the powder. Wow! It tastes (to me) just like the chicken in a mug that I used to enjoy before going WFPB. Thank you!

    5 stars

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much, Gail! I completely understand your hesitation and reasoning in only making a half batch. I like to think you'll be making full batched from now on. LOL!
  39. after making this for about 2-3 years, I realised that I should comment finally. This recipe is great. I have been making it salt-free from day one and we use it on so many foods in our home. Great plant-based accoutrement. Just make it or fool around with the spices. IE I like more celery seed and sage ; ). Great recipe!

    5 stars

  40. This actually tastes exactly like chicken bouillon. It nails the flavor of chicken ramen noodles for anyone who's curious. Thank you so very much. My family has to eat vegan half the year (not ideologically vegan, just Orthodox Christian calendar), and I am so grateful for your website.

    5 stars

    1. I'm so glad you liked it so much, Rivka! We use it just about daily around here. LOL. And yes, I love adding it to some ramen noodles. Thank you for taking time to reach out and tall us, it's really appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful day.
  41. This was great! Lots of flavor, and I've tried using it as broth in several different recipes. About to make a second batch. Thank you!

    5 stars

  42. Is there something you can recommend as a substitute for the turmeric? I know if is a very healthy thing to use but I have had a bad reaction to it in the past and so I avoid it.
    1. Hi, Patricia. The turmeric is mostly used to help give the bouillon and broth a rich golden color. You can try it without, but the amount used helps balance the rest of the ingredients so they'll be a bit more potent. Hope this helps, and I'd love to hear how it works out for you!
  43. My daughter is vegan; my husband and I are not. We ALL love this broth mix. I use it any time a recipe calls for chicken broth or for bouillon powder, "veganize" the rest of the recipe and add meat for my husband and myself. Works out great, and I am sure it is healthier and less expensive that the store-bought options.

    5 stars

  44. I actually make this in a coffee grinder (I have one just for spices). I have to do it in about seven batches but it comes out a super-fine powder. I love this stuff and I use it ALL the time. I also make the cheese powder. It is awesome on popcorn!

    5 stars

    1. I'm so happy you enjoy them both! I used to keep a grinder just for spices as well, but the motor went. Thank you for the really kind words, Carolyn. It's really appreciated!
  45. I've been using Plant Power Couple's Chicken-less bouillon ever since they created it. From vegan chicken soup to Hungarian mushroom soup, it is a staple in my pantry. B & T are my go-to Vegan recipe experts... Thank you for enriching our lives with your delicious plant based foods!

    5 stars

  46. This chicken bullion is really, really good! So far I've used it for cooking rice, and there is truly a day-and-night difference from using vegetable stock. This is the best use I've ever found for nutritional yeast--sprinkling it on popcorn and salads is just meh, but here it shines. Until finding this site I expected that jar of yeast to last the rest of my life :0).

    5 stars

  47. I come back again and again to this bouillon recipe. I usually throw some into my instant pot when making any rice or quinoa. My go-to - thanks!

    5 stars

  48. This is the best, most authentic-tasting vegan chicken bouillon I've ever tasted, and I've tasted many. Thank you!

    5 stars

  49. This is what I’ve been looking for! I’m allergic to most store-bought “vegan bouillon” products. I’ve been wanting to make vegan foods with vital wheat gluten & this is a game-changer! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

    4 stars

  50. I saw there are a lot of questions about the bouillon, but I just couldn't read all of them so I hope you haven't answered this one: can I leave out the turmeric and celery salt? I don't like either. Is there something you'd recommend to replace one or both?

    5 stars

    1. Turmeric adds that beautiful golden color to your broth. You can omit it, but be aware the color won't be the same. The celery salt could be replaced with regular salt or garlic salt. It will be different but still very tasty!

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