Graham Cracker Crust (Vegan)

Overhead zoomed in photo of a no-bake graham cracker crust in a clear glass pie dish

Making your own vegan graham cracker crust couldn’t be easier. This delicious crust requires just 3 simple ingredients and a small amount of time, but no oven is needed. It’s a great recipe for lots of vegan desserts like no-bake pies, mini cheesecakes, vegan chocolate pudding pie and more!  This post contains affiliate links. AsRead more

Vegan Goat Cheese and Blueberry Basil Sandwiches

A hand holding half a ciabatta sandwich with creamy vegan goat cheese, fresh blueberries, and minced basil.

These fresh and summery vegan picnic sandwiches are made on ciabatta rolls and loaded with tangy vegan goat cheese, fresh blueberries, and minced garden basil. They are the perfect easy plant-based lunch recipe to make in under 10 minutes!  It’s a fun combination of flavors that’s a great balance of simple and special. These wouldRead more

Vegan Goat Cheese Substitute

Head-on shot of two tubes of vegan goat cheese on a wooden cutting board topped with fresh minced parsley. There are slices of baguette surrounding the board along with cheese knives, and salt and pepper shakers

This vegan goat cheese recipe is made in your food processor and tastes as legit as the real thing! It’s the best substitute for soft goats cheese in all your favorite vegan recipes. Similar to our vegan feta cheese recipe, this dairy free goat’s cheese uses extra firm tofu and refined coconut oil for theRead more

Homemade Italian Dressing

Head-on shot of a bottle filled with homemade Italian salad dressing. There are garlic cloves around the bottle and a standing red bell pepper in the background.

This easy homemade vegan Italian salad dressing is not only perfect for topping simple green garden salads, but also as a main ingredient in some of our favorite summer salads. We especially love it in our cucumber tomato salad and in our easy summer pasta salad. Any way you use it, you’ll definitely always wantRead more

Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickles Recipe

Head-on photo of a jar of bourbon maple refrigerator pickles

These no-cook refrigerator spicy maple bourbon pickles are quick to make and an easy way to have tasty pickles in your fridge all the time. They’re a fantastic twist on classic dill pickles and perfect for the summer BBQ season! All you need is some cucumbers, vinegar, maple syrup, some spices, and of course, bourbon.Read more

Easy Vegan Southwest Salad

Overhead shot of a small bamboo salad bowl filled with a green southwest salad topped with dairy free cheddar, vegan chorizo, and tortilla chips. There is a larger salad bowl in the background along with small clear jars of shredded cheddar, walnut chorizo, and avocado dressing.

This vegan southwest salad is a no-cook summertime delight. Filled with simple ingredients like lettuce, black beans, sweet corn, bell peppers and more, it’s sure to satisfy all your senses whether served as a starter or as a full meal. It comes together so quickly and easily, and there’s no oven required! Light, filling, andRead more

Chorizo-Style Walnut Meat

Close up overhead shot of a bowl of vegan ground chorizo with two lime wedges on top

You’re going to love this no-cook vegan chorizo recipe! It’s easily made in your food processor with a simple key ingredient: walnuts! Then it’s flavored with soy sauce, lime juice, olive oil, dried chilis or ancho chili powder, and oregano. It’s an easy recipe that’s the perfect addition as a vegan option to plant basedRead more

Creamy Vegan Avocado Dressing

A head-on shot of a clear bottle of creamy vegan avocado dressing on a wooden plank. There are limes to the right and slightly in front of the dressing and 2 fresh scallions to the left.

Loaded with healthy fats, this creamy vegan avocado dressing recipe may just be your new favorite! This naturally dairy free salad dressing is made with simple, fresh ingredients like ripe avocados, fresh lime juice, vinegar, fresh herbs, and garlic. This is the perfect vegan dressing for salads, burrito bowls, lettuce wraps, or veggie dip platters!Read more

Vegan Chickpea Bacon Ranch Wrap

Head on shot of a sliced vegan chickpea bacon ranch wrap. There is a big green bowl of salad behind the wrap.

This easy no-cook vegan wrap recipe is so fresh and flavorful! Packed with ingredients like fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and vegan bacon bits, it’s perfect for a plant-based summer lunch, and it only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. It’s also a great way to use up fresh basil and greens from yourRead more