5 Cozy Vegan Dinner Recipes to Make This Fall

These 5 vegan dinner recipes are easy to make, full of healthy veggies, and so comforting it will feel like they’re cradling your soul. Or…maybe something less dramatic, but you get the idea. They’re freezer-friendly, perfect for meal prep, and choices the whole family will love!

I feel like the change of seasons always kicks me in the ass. Getting used to new weather, a new routine, and a new wardrobe (hello, layers upon layers upon layers!) always throws me a little off-kilter. 

When you add the days getting shorter + weather dangerously approaching that point where you have serious issues leaving the warmth and comfort of your bed in the morning, I can totally understand why my productivity and mood suffer a bit this time of year.

This fall, I’ve tried to remedy this effect by diving deep into the one habit that always keeps me grounded: cooking dinner!

I know it sounds simple, but I love knowing that no matter what I do or don’t accomplish during my day, there’s always a little fun no-pressure creative time waiting for me at the end of it all (not to mention a delicious home-cooked meal!). It is so recharging and empowering and exciting! 

This time of year, there are a few qualifications I look for in a vegan dinner recipe:

  1. It needs to be easy and quick. The days are getting shorter; nobody has time to spend all night in the kitchen! 
  2. Comfort food is KEY. Basically, I’m looking for that classic home-cooked hug-in-a-bowl type feeling. You know it when you taste it!
  3. …BUT, it also needs to be pretty healthy – loaded with veggies + grains + good stuff like that. 

And BONUS: I love a good freezer-friendly recipe this time of year. Something that you can grab + reheat when you’re just too exhausted and it’s late and dark and all you want to do is get in your jammies and watch The Office…which is how my week goes about 35.7% of the time, in case you were wondering.

I can say with certainty all the recipes below fit this bill. Every single one is on a regular rotation in our home, and with good reason!

1.Creamy Vegan Chicken(less) Stew

This vegan chicken(less) stew is the PERFECT winter comfort food! It's warm and soul-healing but also FULL of surprise veggies and flavor. It's also freezer-friendly and has a gluten-free option. #vegan #stew #veganrecipes #cauliflower #comfortfood // plantpowercouple.com

Leading off with a longtime favorite on the blog, this creamy chicken(less) stew has such a special place in my heart and a permanent slot in our weekly meal plan!

It’s every bit as cozy and delicious as it looks but is also secretly healthy AF, using a cauliflower / cashew blend for the creamy dreamy gravy. I could live in a bowl of this stuff.

Serve it with biscuits or add a touch of fancy with some puff pastry squares.

2. Cheesy Broccoli Blender Soup

Friends, meet our new favorite winter weeknight meal: Cheesy Broccoli Blender Soup! We're kind of obsessed with it right now and think you will be too. It's comforting, flavorful, easy to make, and so chock-full of sneaky, hidden veggies, it will make your head spin. #vegan #oilfree #soup #vitamix // plantpowercouple.com

Blender soups are a life-saver for us this time of year because they’re easy and can utilize allll those last-leg veggies you have in your fridge. Just boil ‘em up with a few pantry staples, blend ‘em, and eat!

We love serving this Cheesy Broccoli Blender Soup over a baked potato to really up the heaven-in-a-bowl factor, but homemade croutons are also a spectacular (and stunningly simple) option.

3. Slow-Cooker Chik’n + Rice

This easy slow cooker vegan chicken and rice is classic comfort food made vegan! Great for a busy weeknight or meal prep session, it's also healthy, gluten-free, and can easily be made oil-free. #vegan #crockpot #slowcooker #rice #soycurls // plantpowercouple.com

It wouldn’t be a true fall dinner round-up if I didn’t include a slow-cooker recipe! There’s just something about getting out of the shower after a long day and smelling something delicious that lures you into the kitchen.

This Slow-Cooker Chik’n + Rice recipe is my version of one of T’s favorite recipes from childhood. And it rocks! 

Serve it in a big bowl on its own or with a slice of bread and generous slather of vegan butter.

4. Spicy Vegan Tater Tot Hotdish

Spicy Vegan Tater Tot Hotdish - a comfort classic made vegan and oh so delicious! #vegan #veganrecipe #hotdish #vegetables #tatertots // plantpowercouple.com

What says cozy more than tater tots for dinner? NOTHING, that’s what!

Simmering under those golden crispy pillows of joy, you’ll find a divine mix of peppers, onions, and mushrooms with spicy walnut beef cooked in a flavorful roux.

In the wise words of Hilary Duff, this is what dreams are made of. 😉

5. Vegan Pot Pie Casserole

This vegan pot pie casserole is a quick, easy, and delicisously vegan version of the chicken pie I fell in love with in London back in the 90s. Made with tremendously simple and easily found ingredients, the hardest part of this dish is waiting for it to be done cooking! #vegan #vegetarian #vegandinner #potpie #soycurls #veganrecipes // plantpowercouple.com

100% credit goes to T for this Vegan Pot Pie Casserole recipe. It’s his own genius creation, combining the coziness of a pot pie with the ease of a casserole.

There are soy curls (or your fav vegan chik’n) + mixed veggies in a mind-blowing savory gravy, sandwiched between two gorgeous layers of puff pastry crust.

I dare you to read that and description and not drool a little bit.

We hope you enjoy these cozy vegan dinner recipes as much as we have!

When you try them, be sure to tag us on IG and tell us how it went! We love hearing about your kitchen adventures. If you’re not already following along, we’re @theplantpowercouple with the “the”.

And let us know in the comments below: What are your favorite fall-friendly vegan dinner recipes? We can always use more deliciously cozy inspiration!

Here’s to embracing the change of season and trying fun new recipes along the way. Happy fall, friends!

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These 5 vegan dinner recipes are easy to make, full of healthy veggies, and as cozy as a bowl full of hugs. They’re freezer-friendly, perfect for meal prep, and choices the whole family will love! #vegan #vegandinner #veganrecipes #plantbased // plantpowercouple.com

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