Holiday Gift Guide for the Vegan Foodie

What do you get a vegan foodie for Christmas? We've collected a list of kickass gifts any vegan (or aspiring vegan) foodie would LOVE - at prices ranging from stocking stuffers to splurges. // #vegan #giftguide #holiday

It’s the holiday season (the holiday season)

so boop-de-doop and dickery dock,

here’s a list of great gifts

that’ll knock off your socks…

One thing we know for certain about vegans is they LOVE to eat!! And many of us love to cook almost as much. For this season of giving, we have compiled a list of some kitchen necessities (and some non-necessities, but things you probably REALLY want but wouldn’t think to purchase for yourself).

We tried to break this down to price range, but one can always find great deals, so these prices are approximate… at best. (Prices given are the prices listed by Amazon at the time of writing this post.) Also, Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices may be EVEN LOWER!!!!

My advice is to ALWAYS shop around and see what great deals you can find so you can have even more kitchen gadgetry for less out of your hard-earned cash.

$5 – $25 Price Range

Apple Corer, Citrus Reamer, Avocado Slicer Tool, etc, etc, etc – $11.99

I was looking for a simple citrus reamer – because EVERY kitchen should have one – when I came across this amazing set including the reamer, an apple core, and avocado slicer for only a couple dollars more… and the avocado slicer alone makes that worth your while!!

Silicone Whisk (Set of 3) – $7.99

Often we neglect the simple, but we all NEED a whisk in the kitchen because nothing short of a blender makes mixing easier, but sometimes that’s too much effort. This silicone set won’t scratch your more delicate pots the way some wire ones might. Available in red, yellow, and blue or a funky rainbow version. (I’d get the funky rainbow version.)

A good whisk is a must for recipes like our Chicken(less) Tetrazzini and Turkey(less) Gravy.

Digital Kitchen Scale – $14.99

Another true kitchen necessity that is often overlooked is a simple kitchen scale. The sleek design of this digital scale will fit nicely in any kitchen and helps to get those precise, exact measurements. Great for movers, shakers, bakers, and seitan makers!

19-Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set – $9.76

Who doesn’t need measuring cups and spoons in their kitchen? So often needed, and as often overlooked, measuring cups (and spoons) are VITAL to a working kitchen. This fantastic set offers a bit of flair while getting those exact amounts needed for precision recipes (like all things baking, lol!).

Kitchen Utensil Set – 23 Nylon Cooking Utensils by HomeHero – $19.99

Perfect for the cook just starting out or someone moving into a new place, this 23-piece set of nylon utensils won’t scratch pans and covers just about everything that could be needed by the novice chef: measuring cups and spoons, grater, whisk, tongs, ladle, etc.

Nut Milk Bag – $5.99 (2 pack)

True, nothing is funnier than expression on your local market manager’s face when asked where to find a nut-milk bag; but for the slightly more mature, they can simply be ordered online and this is a FANTASTIC price for TWO!!!! (Save one for yourself, and the other can be a stocking stuffer for a friend – we won’t tell). Besides, you can always just ask the manager without being obligated to purchase.

The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook – by Skye Michael Conroy – $15

Detailed instructions for plant-based, non-dairy cheeses make this book a wonderful addition to any cook’s resource shelves. You might want to check out the author’s book on gluten AND soy seitan recipes as well for a great combination gift.

(NOTE: These books are mostly text-only and offer few pictured representations of recipes.)

Cake Decorating Set/Pastry Bags and Tips – $11

For the all the bakers and the baking the holiday season brings out, this multi-piece pastry decorating set is a fantastic gift (at an amazing price!!). It includes a variety of 24 decorating tips in a convenient storage case and 3 bags to help make the most beautiful cakes, cookies, etc you want.

We love using ours for these White Chocolate Cannoli Cones.

These Vegan White Chocolate Cannoli Cones would be perfect for a birthday party, shower, or just a plain ol' Thursday night! They're SUPER easy to make, 8 ingredients (plus a cone!) and totally able to be customized to your tastes. Cannoli bar, anyone? :) // vegan cannoli cones:

Cookie Press – $7 ( – 40)

This thing is SO MUCH FUN!!! Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Making “fancy” cookies has never been easier thanks to this little gadget. Make your dough, stuff it in the cylinder, put on the desired shape disc, pull the trigger, and voila!! Fancy-shaped cookies for all your friends! They will marvel how magnificent they look (… how they taste is up to you).

We have one of these, and we just love it. The price given here is the current sale price at the time of writing, but they’re really not that expensive to begin with. I believe the highest I saw was around $20.  

We also use this to make our heavenly vegan cheese straws.

Spicy Vegan Cheese Straws made with only 5 ingredients and simple methods but guaranteed to impress any crowd! These are great for parties, showers, or just for a great vegan snack! Gluten-free option too! //

$25 – 50

Tofu Press – $28.95

Tired of pressing your tofu with an unabridged dictionary or The Complete Works of William Shakespeare? (Seriously, I can’t be the ONLY one who does this!) There are more than just a couple tofu presses on the market: this one markets itself as the “original” tofu press and is the more simplistic design and (only slightly) cheaper model at $28.95, but this secondary option is, I have been told, “cuter” (and seems to be a bit less messy as well), and it’s only a dollar more!! Who wouldn’t pay an extra dollar for extra cuteness?!?

Some of our favorite recipes that require well-pressed tofu are this Chicken(less) Parm and our favorite vegan feta!

KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender Set – $42

An immersion blender is truly an invaluable asset in any kitchen for making everything from soups to sauces to purees. You can find just the individual blender itself; but if you shop around, you can find sets that include attachments for blending, whisking, and processing for only a few dollars more.

Waffle Maker – $26

Waffles… what more really needs to be said? Few things, however, can possibly come close to the smell and taste of homemade waffles just from the heat when the Earth Balance is melting in all those perfect little squares waiting to be filled with tiny pools of maple syrup. (Just had to wipe away a small rivulet of drool there… LOL!!) Waffle ice cream sandwiches, “chik’n” and waffles, apple cinnamon waffles…

This Hamilton Beach 4-waffle maker is a great deal, but if the round Belgian waffles are more your thing, you may want to look into one of these great ones from Cuisinart for just a bit more.

Ice Cream Maker – $44 

I scream, you scream, we all scream “Vegan ice cream is SO expensive!”

Now you can make your own vegan ice cream WHENEVER YOU WANT at home in your very own ice cream maker. A few simple ingredients, a little bit of time… ICE CREAM!!! (And for less than $75, you can get the waffle maker AND ice cream maker for ice cream waffle sandwiches – you’re welcome.)

$50 – 100+

KitchenAid Stand Mixer ($190 on sale from $300)

Known by sight as well as by name, the KitchenAid stand mixer is a wonderful addition to any kitchen (especially if you love to bake). Tremendously versatile and endlessly useful, you will NEVER tire of having this around. Prices of these tend to fluctuate, so be mindful of that when shopping for them. You can also find some great deals on certified refurbished ones.

They’re really helpful for making things like these vegan soft pretzel buns.

Homemade Vegan Soft Pretzel Buns! These soft pretzel buns add a great twist to veggie burgers and other sandwiches. They also make killer bread bowls for allll your winter soups! #vegan //

Food Processors $40 (up to $200)

The Cuisinart is probably considered the best known of all the food processors, but a Hamilton Beach can be exactly what you need for about half the cost. (Again, shop around.) Helps to blend, chop, or puree in a breeze for salsa in seconds.

Air Fryer – $70-180

The price of an air-fryer will vary quite a bit depending on brand, capacity size, etc. You can also get certified refurbished ones for around $60-75 if you’re not quite ready to pull the cord on a full-priced new one. We’re putting the one here from Cook’s Essentials because we have one by that brand and can speak candidly about just how much we love it and how EASY it is not only to use, but also to clean! Shop around for color and cost and which machine will serve YOUR needs best. “Fried” food never tasted so healthy!!

We like to use our air fryer for recipes like this Sweet Sriracha Tofu & French Fried Onions.

Instant Pot 6 qt. – $129.95

The Instant Pot is a brand-recognized name in excellence AND ease. We don’t have one ourselves, but I have NEVER heard a bad thing about this accessory that seemingly does it all! I put the link for the more popular 6 qt. size here, but the savvy shopper will realize that the 8 qt sometimes gets put on sale with a RIDICULOUS price cut making it even cheaper than the 6 quart by far!

I want an Instantpotamus for Christmas… only an Instantpotamus will do…

Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer – $145

Nothing is quite as refreshing as fresh-squeezed juice, and the Omega “Mega-Mouth” does not disappoint either. This is the one we have in-house, and it is easy to use AND easy to clean. It’s a great mid-range juicer for all your needs. (Note: do not try to run a banana through a juicer. You’re welcome.)

VitaMix – $200 – 600

The top of all wishlists, the oft pined-for grail of gift-getting… the VitamixWhat CAN’T these machines do?? From making your own peanut butter to cold smoothies to hot soups, this machine is truly a treasure in any kitchen and is often – and rightfully – displayed on the counter with great pride. (Also probably because it gets used ALL the time, so why bother putting it away?) They’re not cheap, but excellence rarely is. If the price seems a bit off-putting, look into a refurbished one for about half the price.

Two of our favorite ways to use our Vitamix are this Vegan Beer Cheese Soup and this Creamy Spinach Blender Soup.

Your friends already know you’re generosity’s off the hook

And there’s no shortage of accessories for today’s vegan cook

So make a list and check it twice.

Your friends will think you are oh-so-nice.

When they open up the gadgets for their kitchen

And see it’s exactly that for which they were wishin’

But don’t forget to shop around

For deals at Christmastime abound

We’re not saying you have to be a Scrooge

Just save enough to get a little something – not huge –

Just something for yourself…

Happy holidays, you merry little elf.

Now get cooking!!

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