10 Vegan Sandwich Recipes

Today, we’re sharing our list of go-to vegan sandwich recipes! From veganized versions of lunchbox classics to fresh new ideas the whole family will love, these are the plant-based sandwiches we come back to time and time again. Our list includes both hot sandwich and cold sandwich options, so you can enjoy your favorite lunch meal in every season! 

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I love a good sandwich.

Whether it’s a classic fresh deli sandwich or a hot sloppy masterpiece, there’s something about this casual meal between two slices of bread that epitomizes comfort food for me. 

I blame growing up in Philadelphia where Wawa hoagies are a way of life, but that’s besides the point!

So, a long time ago, when I first went vegan, I knew I had to start building a list of sandwich recipes that could fulfill all my nostalgic lunch needs!

I started building this list 10 years ago, and today, I’m so excited to share it with you!

Vegan Sandwich Ideas

We’ll get to the specific recipes in the next section, but first, I just want to go over some general ideas to show you what’s possible in the realm of vegan sandwiches!

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly – Yep! The classic sandwiches you know and love is vegan!
  • Vegan BLT – All you need is some vegan bacon and vegan mayo to make this classic plant-based!
  • Hummus and Veggie Sandwich – You’ll be shocked how tasty a simple hummus and veggie sandwich is. And you can use any type of veggies and bread you want!
  • Cucumber and Cream Cheese – There are so many dairy-free cream cheese brands on the market these days, so this one is easy to veganize! (We dig Tofutti, Violife, Oatly, Kite Hill, and Nuts for Cheese to name a few.) We also make homemade vegan cream cheese.
  • Falafel – Falafel is a classic vegetarian choice. We love a good falafel pita pocket sandwich with cucumber tomato salad, chopped pickles, and our vegan tahini sauce!
  • Vegan Grilled Cheese – Vegan butter and non-dairy cheese are easy swaps to remake this classic. Our favorite vegan cheese for grilled cheese are the cheddar slices from Vevan!
  • Vegan Deli Sandwich – There are a host of vegan deli meats and cheeses these days as well as vegan mayo! Our favorite vegan cheese slices for cold sandwiches are from Violife. We’ll talk more about vegan deli meat brands at the bottom of this post!
This vegan tuna salad is a simple recipe, using white beans and a few other common ingredients you probably have around the house + one *magic* ingredient to create the flavor + texture of a classic tuna sandwich! #vegan #tuna #vegantuna #lunch #veganlunch #beans #plantbased #navybeans #whitebeans

Best Vegan Sandwiches Recipes

Now, let’s get to that list of easy vegan sandwiches. Be sure to Pin the ones you love for later!

Vegan Cold Sandwiches

These cold vegetarian sandwiches are the best sandwiches for a packed lunch at work or school and require zero reheating!

Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich

This vegan tuna salad is a simple recipe, using white beans  for a vegan twist! You’ll need a few other common ingredients you probably have around the house + one *magic* ingredient to bring it all together.  

It uses easy methods to create the simplicity and comfort of a classic tuna sandwich in an ethically compassionate way! 

The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

You’re going to love this veggie bagel sandwich! It’s simple to make, absolutely delicious, and packed with garden fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, and red onion. 

The sandwich gets a little tangy zip with a healthy dose of stone ground mustard and peppery arugula. It’s the perfect summer sandwich that will leave you feeling full and satisfied!

Vegan Baguette Sandwich

These fun + romantic vegan picnic sandwiches made with fresh baguettes stuffed with a rich herbed cashew cheese filling, sliced strawberries, and fresh herbs are the perfect easy lunch date recipe! 

The cashew nut cheese is made with simple ingredients that create the best flavor. If you need to impress that special dairy free cheese lover in your life, THIS is the answer.

A hand holding half a ciabatta sandwich with creamy vegan goat cheese, fresh blueberries, and minced basil.

Creamy Avocado Chickpea Sandwich

This Avocado Chickpea Mash with Spinach sandwich is our favorite healthy vegan lunch recipe! 

With just 10 ingredients and 20 minutes of kitchen time, this healthy sandwich is simple, picky-eater friendly, and FULL of flavor. Served on your favorite multigrain bread, there are both gluten-free AND oil-free options too!

Vegan Goat Cheese Sandwich

These fresh and delicious vegan goat cheese sandwiches are made on ciabatta rolls and loaded with tangy vegan goat cheese, fresh blueberries, and minced garden basil. They are the perfect easy plant-based lunch recipe to make in under 10 minutes!  

It’s a fun combination of flavors that’s a great balance of simple and special. These would be the perfect plant-based sandwich for an outdoor date or to serve at an event like a shower or vegan afternoon tea!

Vegan Pinwheel Sandwich with Hummus

This vegan pinwheel recipe is made using healthy simple ingredients like hummus, grated carrots, and green onion mixed with a flavorful blend of spices wrapped in a flour tortilla. 

Easy to customize with your favorite fresh veggies, these are flavor-packed vegetable pinwheels that will have even the pickiest eaters loving these veggie loaded snacks! 

Great for kids and birthday parties, a cold lunch for work or school, or a work-from-home snack. Any way you slice it, you’ll love these vegan pinwheels! 

Head on shot of a meatless sloppy joe sandwich on a plate next to 2 small pickles and a pile of BBQ potato chips

Hot Vegan Sandwiches

There’s nothing better than a hot sandwich on a cold day to warm your belly and your heart! Here are a few hot tasty vegan sandwiches you can try.

Vegan Sloppy Joe Sandwich

If you’re looking for a fun, hearty, and meatless recipe for dinner tonight, you’ve landed on the right page. We LOVE this vegan version of Sloppy Joes served on a big fluffy roll with cast iron potato wedges or spicy BBQ chips. 

The mix is easy to make with a TVP base as our meat alternative and no lentils! And the spicy / sweet sloppy joe sauce will have everyone clamoring for seconds. A great vegetarian meal to eat outdoors, this recipe always reminds me of summer camp in the movie It Takes Two! 

Vegan Sausage and Pepper Sandwich

This vegan sausage and pepper sandwich is a crowd-pleaser through and through. 

We’ve served this hearty sandwich to many crowds of non-vegans of all ages, and it is always a massive hit! It’s also easy to make with store-bought or homemade vegan Italian sausages!

Vegan Feta and Spinach Grilled Cheese

This vegan feta grilled cheese is our fun take on a classic grilled cheese and pairs perfectly with tomato soup. 

This recipe uses either our homemade tofu feta or one of the many store-bought vegan fetas now available! Not to mention, it will impress the pants off your next lunch guests! 

This vegan feta grilled cheese with spinach is our fun take on a classic grilled cheese and pairs perfectly with tomato soup. The easy recipe uses either our homemade tofu feta or one of the many store-bought vegan fetas now available. It will impress the pants off your next lunch guests! #vegan #vegancheese #veganfeta #vegangrilledcheese #dairyfree #grilledcheese #veganlunch #veganrecipe #easyveganrecipe #vegandinner #vegansandwich

Vegan Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich

This vegan fried egg breakfast sandwich is such a fun and delicious recipe. 

It has a goopy yolk sauce that drips out of the egg when you bite into – perfect for that classic messy breakfast sandwich of your dreams. 

Vegan French Dip Sandwich

These meaty, tender vegan french dip sandwiches are made with a homemade, thinly sliced seitan dripping with a delicious vegetarian au jus! Perfect for a winter game day or Sunday night in with the family.

Vegan Spreads for Sandwiches

I’m big on sandwich spreads. The right spread is easy to meal prep ahead of time and can make or break the flavor of your sandwich!

Here’s a list of vegan sandwich spread options you can try!

Vegan Sandwich Meat

T is big on veggie sandwiches, and I dig them too. But I prefer sandwiches with a hefty amount of vegan meats! Luckily, there are plenty of options out there these days – for both buying and making!

Vegan Deli Meat Brands

There are a lot of vegan deli meats on the market now, thankfully. 

Which brands are available to you will depend on where you live, but here are some of the most popular options to consider:

  • Tofurky – This is without a doubt, my favorite. Been eating it since my vegetarian days!
  • Prime Roots – We met this brand at Expo East last year, and the flavor of their products is spectacular! They’re also unique in that they’re made from koji, making them gluten-free and soy-free!
  • Unreal Deli
  • Yves
  • Lightlife
  • Plant Provisions
  • Field Roast
Vegan Corned Beef that is as meaty and flavorful as any non-vegan version we've ever had but made from seitan in the slow-cooker! The gorgeous color comes from beet puree, a much healthier alternative that still kicks ass. #vegan #seitan #plantbased #crockpot // plantpowercouple.com

Vegan Sandwich Meat Recipes

If you want to try making your own meatless deli meats, we have some great vegan recipes to get you started!

Plant-Based Sandwich FAQs

We want to close this guide by answering some of the most common questions we get about vegan sandwiches. If you have a question we haven’t answered, please feel free to leave it in the comments, so we can make this a more robust guide for future readers!

What is a vegan sandwich made of?

A vegan sandwich can be made out of many things like a wide variety of veggies, legumes, hummus, vegan mayo, seitan, tofu, jackfruit, vegan cheeses, etc. We go through a variety of these options in this vegan sandwich guide.

Are peanut butter sandwiches vegan?

Peanut butter and bread sandwiches are vegan. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are also vegan. If you add bacon, marshmallow fluff, or honey to your peanut butter sandwich, it is no longer vegan. There are, however, many vegan options for those products you could sub that would make the sandwich vegan!

Is a tomato sandwich vegan?

A classic tomato sandwich (just juicy tomatoes, mayonnaise, and bread) is not vegan because traditional mayo has eggs in it. It can, however, easily be made vegan by using vegan mayonnaise.

I hope this guide has helped you get excited about adding some new vegan sandwiches to your life. Enjoy!

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