Sexy Vegan Dessert Recipes for Date Night

In this post, we’re sharing tasty and fancy vegan dessert recipes that are perfect for date night or any special occasion when you REALLY want to impress! These dairy free, plant based sweets may LOOK and taste fancy, but most are super easy to make and perfect for lazy cooks or beginners! A few are no-bake and one only requires 5 minutes to make!

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To many, before 2020, “date night in” often just meant board games or cards, maybe a movie, possibly in your pajamas. Possibly some popcorn. Date night in was nice, but it wasn’t really fancy, it was more just about spending time together. These days, we may find ourselves spending a lot of time together, so date night in NEEDS to be special. It needs to be upped a level or two from the old days. 

That’s why we’re bringing you some of our absolute favorite vegan desserts we love to have on date nights together here in our little home. And, while these are all pretty easy to make, they look like you spent hours making them for your perfect date night.

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Vegan Dessert Date Night Ideas

So, spend some time together in front of the fire without your phones. Maybe do a little paint night with some wine. Board games are indeed always a great option, but do them with dessert!

And remember, date night definitely doesn’t have to mean two people. Self-care is very important during these times. And self-care always tastes better with vegan dessert!

Classic Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are the BEST vegan chocolate chip cookies. The recipe is easy to make with simple ingredients, using applesauce instead of eggs for a healthy swap. These chewy vegan cookies taste just like the ones you grew up making! #vegan #vegancookies #vegandessert #vegandessertrecipe #chocolatechipcookies #eggfree #dairyfree #chocolate #veganchocolate #vegan #veganbaking #holidaybaking

These vegan chocolate chip cookies are the perfect classic dessert if you’re going to be cozying up by a fire together. Get a plate to share with each other as you gaze into the fire and each other’s eyes. (Too corny? Oh well.)

Vegan Whipped Cream

This 5-ingredient vegan whipped cream is easy to make, stable AF, and freezer-friendly. It’s a fantastic addition to sundaes, pancakes, or a big bowl of strawberries - the PERFECT summer treat! #vegan #dairyfree #dessert #recipe //

Need I say more? This vegan whipped cream is the perfect sexy dessert to make together and a classic with strawberries or served atop any of these glorious vegan desserts.

Stovetop Cinnamon Apples

These vegan sauteed cinnamon apples are made on the stovetop and the best topping for pancakes, waffles, or ice cream. These dairy-free sauteed apples are gluten-free, include a low-sugar option, and taste like warm apple pie filling with just 5 simple ingredients. Our favorite way to use up excess apples!

These stovetop cinnamon apples are great served on their own if you’re looking for something a little lighter and healthier, or try them over puff pastry with vegan vanilla ice cream and caramel!

Vegan Cannoli Cones

These Vegan Cannoli Cones, infused with decadent white chocolate flavor, are a fun and delicious dairy-free dessert. They’re easy to make, requiring only 8 ingredients! #vegandessert #dairyfree #dessert #cannoli #cocoabutter #tofu #tofurecipe #veganchocolate //

Holy moley! Vegan cannoli! These vegan cannoli cones are the perfect twist on a classic fav. They’re also great served as a dip. If you’re a cannoli fan, you’ll love this one!

Vegan White Chocolate Fudge

This 6-ingredient Vegan White Chocolate Fudge is the dessert of your summer dreams! It’s decadent and delicious, takes about 15 minutes of active time to make + even includes a low(er) sugar trick we love. #vegan #dairyfree #fudge #whitechocolate #veganchocolate //

The perfect finger-licking white chocolate fudge made VEGAN and a little bit healthier. These little squares are decadent AF, so proceed with caution. This vegan fudge is perfect topped with crushed pretzels, strawberries, or cherry pie filling.

Vegan Champagne Cheesecake

This easy vegan champagne cheesecake recipe is the perfect way to celebrate! Made with 7 simple ingredients, these tofu-based desserts combine the classic flavor of cheesecake with the celebratory spirit of champagne so perfectly I could cry! #vegan #cheesecake #dairyfree #tofu //

These champagne-infused vegan cheesecakes are an adult spin on the ideal decadent dessert. You’ll enjoy each creamy forkful as you enjoy each other’s company, perhaps with the remainder of the champagne!

Vegan Peppermint Patties

Homemade Vegan Peppermint Patties made with Baileys Almande - an easy no-bake treat that's beyond perfect for the holidays, summer, St Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, or really ANY time! // #vegan #dessert #recipe #chocolate #baileys

These homemade vegan peppermint patties are infused with dairy-free Baileys for another adult take on a classic candy. Get your chocolate fix and perfectly kissable breath together! 😉

Tahini Brownie Batter Dip

If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s Day dessert you can whip up in under 10 minutes but is still sure to impress and make you feel indulgent, we have the recipe for you! This Vegan Brownie Batter Dip is our favorite tahini-based dessert dip. Serve it on a platter with pretzels and strawberries for date night or any time you really want a wow-factor! This is an amazing (ps: it’s also healthy) tahini dessert, and if you’ve never tried tahini in a dessert before, get ready for your life to change.

This vegan brownie batter dip with tahini is a healthy and easy (but also super decadent) dip. Perfect on its own or paired with the aforementioned cannoli dip and whipped cream for a truly tasty trio!

So, the next time someone (maybe even your own partner!) asks doubtfully, “What sweets can vegans eat?” just send them this decadent list of easy and fancy vegan dessert recipes!

And if you make one of these tasty dairy free treats, let us know ALL about it by leaving a comment below or tagging us in your plant based creations on Instagram. If you’re not already hanging out with us over there, we are @theplantpowercouple with the “the”.

We love hearing about your kitchen adventures. Until next time, friends. Cheers!

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