From-Scratch Vegan Meatball & Mozzarella Hoagies (Summer Live Series)

A TVP and wheat gluten blend make for this AMAZING meatball with fantastic taste and a texture you will not believe!! Whether you call it a Sub, Hoagie, or Grinder, this is one Meatball Sandwich you’re sure to love!! Taking less than an hour, you won’t have to be grinding around the kitchen all day to make this “sub”lime hoagie!!

So let’s go make some meatballs and show – once again – that you don’t have to miss out on anything when you go vegan!!



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Our Top Tips :

  1. Mincing your onions (14:50). Prepping the onion with a few vertical and horizontal slices will make mincing the onion much, MUCH easier.
  2. SUPER Simple Tomato Sauce (33:30). Homemade marinaras are SO GOOD… and they’re actually really easy to make. Here we offer some tips for GREAT and FAST  tomato/marinara sauce recipes.
  3. Wait until your TVP mixture cools before attempting to knead in the wheat gluten and remaining ingredients with your hands (45:00). I’m going to say the reasoning behind this is obvious, but it is a lesson well-learned.
  4. Even spreading of gluten and nooch and flax egg decreases chances for lumps (46:00). Because who likes lumps??
  5. Keep a bowl of room temp water on hand (48:00). This will help keep the mixture from sticking to your hands and will give a uniform roundness to your meatballs and decrease tearing.
  6. Keep a ¼ cup measuring cup or a small ice cream scoop on hand for forming the meatballs (50:10). This will help keep a consistency to the size of your meatballs… which allows for even cooking.
  7. Get your meatballs sauced (55:25). Letting your meatballs sit in the tomato sauce for a bit will allow them to soak up some of the sauce and increase their flavor intensity!
  8. Create a pouch/hollow in your roll to create more space for the meatball! (1:06:00). This will allow the meatball to sit more comfortably within the roll and not protrude too far out (allowing space for more toppings)
  9. If freezing, shake most of the sauce from the meatball before placing it in the roll (1:07:22). Excess sauce may make the roll too soggy if allowed to sit while freezing. Shake excess sauce from the meatball before making it into the sandwich. Then, assemble your sandwich, wrap in tin foil and store them stacked in a zip-lock freezer bag. Freeze the sauce separately and add later.
  10. Melt the cheese mostly by baking sandwich at about 300-350 then switch to a low broil to brown the cheese and melt fully (1:14:00). Starting on broil may cause the top portion of your roll to blacken and burn more than you wish… unless you like that. Also, pre-baking the roll may cause the roll to become too toasted and brittle when you go to heat the sandwich. Bake the sandwich at about 300F for 3-5 minutes THEN broil for a minute or two. Life is all about balance.

The BEST Vegan Meatballs made with TVP. They're SUPER meaty, full of spicy Italian flavor, and NOT mushy - our vegan meatball dreams come true! //


  • What can I use as a substitute in this recipe for the flax egg? While the use of the flax meal or freshly-ground flax seed is most highly recommended, chia seed or egg replacements like Ener-G or Neat Egg could be used as an alternative. (Note: Flax seed should be ground before being consumed to get the best absorption rate of its nutrients. Freeze remaining ground flax.)
  • Can these be made in the air-fryer? Yes please! These vegan meatballs are great made in the air fryer. Make sure you spray your basket with oil, so they don’t stick. Cook them at 350F for 20 minutes, stopping to flip / gently roll them every 5 minutes.

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Learn how to make these killer vegan meatball & mozzarella hoagies from scratch! It's episode 2 of our Summer Live Series! //

Summer Live Series with Plant Power Couple // Fridays at 12:30PM ET on Facebook live. Join us in the kitchen to cook up some delicious vegan food!


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