Easy Vegan Caesar Salad

This easy vegan caesar salad recipe is delicious, nut-free, and meal prep friendly! The dressing is made with a silken tofu base and flavored to perfection with only 9 simple ingredients. #vegan #caesarsalad #veganrecipe #mealprep #salad // plantpowercouple.com

This easy vegan caesar salad recipe is delicious, nut-free, and meal prep friendly! Silken tofu creates a creamy but light base for the dressing and 9 simple ingredients add the unmistakable caesar flavor. Serve it as part of a big holiday feast or bulk it up with all the toppings for a healthy comforting mainRead more

Sausage-Style Walnut Meat

This vegan sausage-style walnut meat is a great option for topping pizzas, pasta, and even breakfast tacos! We love how easy it is to make. #vegan #walnuts #recipe #plantbased //plantpowercouple.com

Have you tried walnut meat yet? We’ve been making it for years, and it’s incredible stuff. I’m not usually a huge fan of walnuts, but the texture and flavor they take on when ground up with the right spices and herbs isĀ out of this world. We especially love making walnut meat in the summertime becauseRead more

Easy Dairy-Free Veggie Cream Cheese

This easy vegan cream cheese recipe has had me up and dancing for joy around the kitchen every morning this week! It's bursting with flavor, has a soft creamy texture you have to taste to believe, and requires very minimal effort on your part. #vegan #tofu #coconutoil #dairyfree // plantpowercouple.com

This easy vegan cream cheese recipe has had me happy-dancing around the kitchen every morning this week! It’s bursting with flavor, has a soft creamy texture you have to taste to believe, and requires very minimal effort  on your part.  Roll up your sleeves and pour yourself a strong cup of coffee, my friend.  We’re making vegan cream cheese! One day over holiday break, fueled by a healthy amount of good champagne and vegan cheeseball leftovers, it occurred to me that we could easily adapt our tofu cheeseball recipe to make cream cheese. Or, more specifically, veggie cream cheese with an epic flavor andRead more