21 Vegan Potato Recipes

A grid with four photos of various potato recipes. Text reads: 21 plus vegan potato recipes for every occassion

Today we’re dedicating this entire post to nature’s perfect food: the potato. As nutritious as it is delicious, this seemingly simple staple is the perfect blank canvas for millions of culinary creations beloved across the world. From Hasselbacks to hash browns, soups and stews, these 21 amazing vegan potato recipes give the potato the recognitionRead more

High Calorie Vegan Recipes

A grid with four photos: stuffed shells, breakfast casserole, avocado risotto, and vegan meatloaf. Text reads: 10 high-calorie vegan meals + tips and food list

Looking for vegan gains? Or just trying to maintain your weight while maintaining a very active lifestyle? From snacks to meals, this list of high calorie vegan recipes, foods, and tips packs a high calorie punch sure to help you meet your goals. And for the first time ever, I’ll share my 2,000+ calorie chocolateRead more

How to Season Vegetable Soup

A grid of 4 photos with different vegetable soups in each. Each soup is in a round white bowl with a spoon digging into it from the side. Text in the center of the grid reads: how to season vegetable soup and our best veggie soup recipes

Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. I love a hearty bowl of good soup. I especially love simple vegetable soups because they’re so easy to make and so versatile. All you need is some good fresh vegetables and summer always affords me extra green beans and bell peppers and fresh tomatoes from the garden. AndRead more

How to Store Hummus and Keep It Fresh

Overhead shot of two plates of hummus - one is a light green color and dill pickle flavor. The other is a red color and is a spicy garlic hummus. The hummus plates are surrounded by pita chips.

I’m sure if you’ve ever made your own hummus you’ve asked yourself how long it will stay fresh. It’s easy to know when there’s an expiration date for you on the store’s original container, but what about fresh hummus? Today, we’re going to try and answer all your hummus-related questions from shelf-stable to fresh hummus,Read more

What to Serve with Falafel Balls

Overhead close up photo of two bowls of falafel salad with pickled onion, pita triangles, couscous, pickles, and tahini sauce

Wondering what to serve with falafel? In this article, we’ve gathered some of our most favorite falafel toppings, both homemade and purchased, to share with all of you! Whether serving in a pita, as a salad or platter, or in a large bowl filled with ALL the toppings, you’ll love the options listed here. YouRead more

Vegan JUST Egg Recipes + Guide

A grid with four photos - a vegan breakfast casserole, eggless quiche, plant-based omelette, and vegan pineapple stuffing. Text reads: 7 delicious ways to use JUST egg, our complete just egg guide

We’re diving deep into the vegan egg substitute JUST Egg to answer your questions and give you all our opinions of this egg-cellent plant-based product. We have used it in everything from cookies, casseroles, cakes, and quiches. This post is designed to teach you to become a true magician with a bottle of JUST Egg,Read more

How to Make Vegan Condensed Soup Substitutes

An array of 4 photos - each of a different vegan condensed cream of soup substitute in a mason jar with a spoon going into it. Text reads: how to make vegan cream of soup substitutes, gluten-free and oil-free.

We’ve developed our own way of making condensed cream soup substitutes that are entirely vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free! They can all be used as a 1:1 replacement for condensed soups in casseroles and stews. In this post, we’re sharing all our best cream of soup tips, tricks, and recipes to create your own veganized comfortRead more

No-Cook Vegan Meals

Four photos of no-cook vegan meals: pinwheels, southwest salad, vegan ciabatta sandwich, and mediterranean wrap. Text in the center reads: no-cook vegan meals for when it's hot af

This collection of easy vegan recipes is perfect for those hot summer days when you want some lighter fare and you definitely don’t want to have to cook meals using the stove or oven…or even the slow cooker. Fresh vegetables, minimal effort, amazing food. All these delicious vegan recipes are “no heat, just eat” andRead more

Vegan Afternoon Tea Guide

Head on shot of a 3-tier tea tray with finger sandwiches on the bottom, blueberry scones and vegan clotted cream in the middle, and dairy free cheese straws on top. There is a pot of tea and non dairy creamer in a pink and white striped pitcher in the background set up for an afternoon tea party.

Here is your guide to a perfect vegan afternoon tea worth getting excited over! From a host of vegetarian tea sandwich ideas to the dairy free clotted cream of your dreams – and everything in between – we’ll share some basics about afternoon tea and walk you through how to veganize each tier on theRead more

How to Turn Tofu into Cheese

Tofu is a great, affordable, nut-free base for homemade vegan cheese recipes. We use this tofu cheese method to make everything from dairy-free cream cheese to vegan cheese sauce to tofu cheesecake. You can use tofu cheeses on pizza or nachos, and the best part: It’s super easy to make. In this post, we’re going to share our best tofu cheese recipes as well as some tips and tricks for using our methods to make your own tofu cheese! #vegancheese #tofu #tofurecipes #dairyfree

Tofu is a great base for all kinds of vegan cheese recipes, and it’s especially perfect if you have a cashew or other nut allergy. Even if you are just looking for a less-expensive cashew alternative, tofu helps to make a more affordable vegan cheese as well! We use this tofu cheese method to makeRead more