Breakfast Casserole (Vegan)

Overhead photo of a round white plate with a slice of vegan egg casserole, spinach, and sliced grape tomatoes sprinkled with minced green onion

Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any potluck gathering, this vegan sausage, pepper, and JUST Egg casserole is sure to please. Eggless and dairy free, taste-tested and omni-approved, everyone is just going to love it! The best part: it freezes and reheats tremendously well, so it’s perfect for meal prep too. Oh, and did I mentionRead more

JUST Egg French Toast

Head on photo of a stack of eggless French toast with a hand sifting powdered sugar on top

This vegan French Toast is easy, delicious, and exactly like you remember it! JUST Egg is whisked together with basic ingredients  like vanilla, cinnamon, and fresh grated nutmeg, then fried to golden brown perfection.  No one will be able to tell these are eggless, dairy free, and completely plant-based. Serve with traditional vegan butter andRead more

Vegan Pineapple Stuffing

Head on photo of a slice of vegan pineapple stuffing on a round white plate with a jar of crushed pineapple behind it

This vegan pineapple souffle is our egg-free and dairy-free take on the traditional side dish so many grew up loving. It’s so family-friendly, everyone will want seconds! And it’s as great at a brunch buffet as it is at a fancy sit-down dinner. Slightly sweet and the very definition of delicious, no holiday season isRead more

Vegetarian Beef and Broccoli

Close up overhead photo of a plate of soy curl beef and broccoli with white rice

My favorite Chinese food take-out order of beef and broccoli gets a vegan makeover with a simple substitute of Butler’s soy curls. Yes, soy curls can mimic beef as well as chicken, and more! Tender, meaty, & absolutely filled with intense beefy flavor, your taste buds are sure to do a double take. And theRead more

Vegan Curry Chicken

Overhead photo of a round bowl with creamy veggie curry on one side and basmati rice on the other. A slow cooker is in the background.

This healthy and delicious vegan chicken curry recipe is made in your slow cooker with a delightful blend of peppers, garlic, ginger, spices, and creamy coconut milk. We use meaty soy curls for the vegan chicken, so it’s easy to just place them and all the rest of the ingredients in your crockpot and letRead more

Vegan Chicken Stew with Dumplings

Close up overhead photo of creamy soy curl chicken stew with dumplings

You don’t have to miss out on your favorite childhood comfort food thanks to this hearty vegan chicken and dumplings recipe! It’s a creamy, dairy-free, veggie and soy curl stew topped with pillowy dumplings. Make this plant-based dinner when you really want to feel cozy! This post contains affiliate links. As Amazon Associates, we earnRead more