Spicy Beef-Style Walnut Meat

A close-up photo of vegan walnut taco meat in a green and brown striped bowl. There is a single dried red chili on top along with a sprig of oregano. A ramekin of raw walnuts is in the background.

This spicy beef-style walnut meat is our go-to plant-based meat recipe for vegan tacos, nachos, crunch wraps, and beyond! Walnut beef is easy to make with only 9 staple ingredients, 3 simple steps, and 5 minutes of active time. The spicy savory flavor will make you fall in love with walnuts forever. Thank you toRead more

Tequila Lime Tofu Cutlets

These Tequila Lime Tofu Cutlets are perfect for tofu tacos, quesadillas, or Mexican-inspired dinner bowls and salads! They are easy to make with a quick tequila-infused chili lime marinade, and slow-baked until they are crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside! You’ll love to add this tofu recipe for your weekly meal prep.Read more