Garlic Bread (Vegan)

Overhead zoomed in photo of a row of plant-based garlic herb bread

Buttery vegan garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment to any glorious Italian-inspired feast. Crisp and soft plant based garlic bread is an easy recipe that’s going to be a hit every time you make it! (Also, the dairy-free garlic butter by itself is GREAT on pasta too!) This post contains affiliate links. As Amazon Associates,Read more

Easy Homemade Marinara Sauce

Overhead photo of a large pot of homemade tomato sauce topped with fresh basil

This simple marinara sauce recipe is so full of flavor and so much better than jarred tomato sauce. Not only does it taste amazing, but you made it and you know what simple ingredients are in it! It’s a great way to use up fresh whole tomatoes from your garden, but it’s also easily madeRead more

Vegan Goat Cheese and Blueberry Basil Sandwiches

A hand holding half a ciabatta sandwich with creamy vegan goat cheese, fresh blueberries, and minced basil.

These fresh and summery vegan picnic sandwiches are made on ciabatta rolls and loaded with tangy vegan goat cheese, fresh blueberries, and minced garden basil. They are the perfect easy plant-based lunch recipe to make in under 10 minutes!  It’s a fun combination of flavors that’s a great balance of simple and special. These wouldRead more

Vegan Goat Cheese Substitute

Head-on shot of two tubes of vegan goat cheese on a wooden cutting board topped with fresh minced parsley. There are slices of baguette surrounding the board along with cheese knives, and salt and pepper shakers

This vegan goat cheese recipe is made in your food processor and tastes as legit as the real thing! It’s the best substitute for soft goats cheese in all your favorite vegan recipes. Similar to our vegan feta cheese recipe, this dairy free goat’s cheese uses extra firm tofu and refined coconut oil for theRead more

Olive Garden Salad Recipe (Vegan)

Overhead photo of half a large bamboo bowl filled with copycat Olive Garden salad

Our veganized copycat recipe of Olive Garden’s House Salad contains iceberg and romaine lettuces mixed with red onion, black olives and more. It’s finished with piquant pepperoncini peppers and a homemade, creamy Italian dressing. True, this salad may be more Italian-American than Italian, but hey, so is Pasta Primavera. And trust me, your taste budsRead more

Avocado Pesto Barley Risotto

Overhead photo of a rount white plate topped with creamy avocado pesto risotto topped with a twisted lemon wedge

This Avocado Pesto Barley Risotto is an easy, quick, and slightly different take on classic risotto that is perfect for summer! Tender cooked barley is drenched in a creamy dairy-free avocado sauce bursting with fresh herbs like basil and brightened up with a healthy squeeze of lemon juice. This is the perfect fresh and healthyRead more

Vegan Quiche (without tofu)

Overhead photo of a slice of just egg quiche on a plate with spinach and sliced grape tomatoes

This vegan quiche is the epitome of perfect brunch food. A simple, frozen pie crust is filled with plant-based JUST Egg and packed with vegan cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and more. Then it’s baked to a fluffy, moist perfection that vegans and nonvegans alike are sure to love! It’s the perfect dish for anything and everythingRead more

Vegan Breakfast Omelette

Close up photo of a plate with a plant based omelet on it, folded over with mushroom and spinach filling pouring out

This easy vegan omelette is packed with vegetables and the perfect start to your day or day off. Fluffy JUST Egg is lightly fried and filled with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and vegan cheese then gently folded and flipped to a stunning stuffed breakfast, brunch, or “brinner” option everyone is sure to love! This postRead more

JUST Egg French Toast

Head on photo of a stack of eggless French toast with a hand sifting powdered sugar on top

This vegan French Toast is easy, delicious, and exactly like you remember it! JUST Egg is whisked together with basic ingredients  like vanilla, cinnamon, and fresh grated nutmeg, then fried to golden brown perfection.  No one will be able to tell these are eggless, dairy free, and completely plant-based. Serve with traditional vegan butter andRead more