Spicy Vegan Italian Meatballs

The BEST Vegan Meatballs made with TVP. They're SUPER meaty, full of spicy Italian flavor, and NOT mushy - our #vegan #meatball dreams come true! #vegetarian #veganmeatballs #plantbased #plantpowercouple // plantpowercouple.com

These are the BEST vegan meatballs you’ll ever eat. They’re made with a meaty blend of TVP + vital wheat gluten and are easy to make, freezer-friendly, and FULL of spicy Italian flavor. Unlike other vegan meatball recipes, these Gardein meatball copycats DO NOT fall apart or turn to mush in your mouth. Cook themRead more

Vegan Seitan Ham w/ a Pineapple Mustard Glaze

Make this vegan seitan ham when you really want to impress! It's full of smoky-sweet flavor and glazed with a pineapple mustard sauce that blow your mind. Beet puree is added for extra color and WOW factor. #seitan #vegan #vegetarian // plantpowercouple.com

This vegan ham recipe is an incredible seitan recipe flavored with liquid smoke, maple syrup, and a pineapple mustard glaze. The pink color – from the beet puree – makes this vegetarian roast the perfect main dish to bring to a holiday gathering when you want to really impress! It takes a little planning ahead,Read more