Purple Carrot: Pros and Cons

Disclosure: We're affiliates of Purple Carrot & earn a commission if you purchase with our links.  Our opinions  are honest & written with the intention of helping you make the best decision for YOU.

Purple Carrot Pro 1: The recipes are awesome. Purple Carrot recipes combine creative flavors with simple methods and are anything but boring! And this is coming from two recipe developers!

Purple Carrot Pro 2:  Fresh ingredients. Purple Carrot ingredients arrive fresh in an insulated box packed with non-toxic ice packs.  I'm always surprised how fresh those veggies are!

Purple Carrot Pro 3:  All vegan. This is the top meal kit we recommend for vegan households.  Purple Carrot only does vegan & they do it WELL, unlike other meal kits that have lackluster (boring) vegan options.

Purple Carrot Con 1:  No monthly delivery option. Weekly meal delivery is a too much for our house, so I wish they had a monthly option.  There are ways to work around this, but you can't just set it and forget it.

Purple Carrot Con 2:  Recipes missing some detail.  If you're a brand new cook with zero experience in the kitchen, you may find Purple Carrot recipes lack the details you need.

Purple Carrot Con 3:  Waste. Most meal kits create excess waste, but it's worth considering.  Purple Carrot says most of their packaging is recyclable, & provide directions for recycling each piece on their website.

Overall, we love Purple Carrot recipes. It's definitely our favorite meal kit for our 2-person vegan household!  We have a full review of this service on our blog with all the info you need to decide if it's right for you!

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