Creamy Tofu Feta Pasta

You'll need:  tofu,  coconut oil, tahini,  olives, lemon juice, ACV, salt, pepper, onion powder, penne, cherry tomatoes, red onion, roasted red peppers, garlic, olive oil, red pepper

Step 1: First, blend all the ingredients for the tofu feta sauce in your food processor for 2-3 minutes on high until it's smooth and shiny.

Step 2: Add the rest of the ingredients (EXCEPT the pasta) to a large cast iron pan and pour the tofu feta sauce in the center.

Step 3: Then, bake this at 400F for 10-15 minutes. Finish it off with a quick 5-10 minute broil to really sear those tomatoes and the tofu feta sauce.

Step 4: Finally, stir the cooked pasta into the tofu feta sauce and veggies until totally combined. It will smell amazing!

Serve this tofu feta pasta hot topped with fresh garden parsley. It makes enough for a big family or crowd, but also makes great leftovers.

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