Low Carb Vegan Lasagna

You'll need: zucchini, marinara, vegan ground. beef, tofu ricotta, vegan mozzarella, nutritional yeast, bread crumbs (optional), olive oil (if using bread crumbs)

We use our homemade tofu ricotta recipe to make this lasagna. It's so easy to make!

And we use our TVP beef recipe to make this lasagna. Use this recipe or buy your favorite plant-based ground meat at the store!

Step 1: Use a vegetable peeler to peel long ribbons of zucchini. This will give you nice thin layers that don't get too watery.

Step 2: Brown the vegan ground beef. Then, add it to a mixing bowl along with a couple Tbsp of marinara sauce. Stir to combine.

Step 3: Spread a thin layer of marinara sauce in the bottom of a large square baking dish like so.

Step 4: Top that layer of marinara sauce with a layer of zucchini ribbons, making sure you cover the whole dish.

Step 5: Then, spread a thin layer of tofu ricotta on top of the zucchini ribbons.

Step 6: Next, top the tofu ricotta with a layer of saucy vegan ground beef. Continue this layering until you run out of ingredients / reach the top of your dish.

Step 7: On the final layer, pour on the remainder of the marinara sauce and sprinkle with dairy-free mozzarella cheese.

Step 8: Cover the baking dish and bake at 400F for 20 to 30 minutes. When done, remove the cover. It will look melty like this!

Step 9: This is totally optional, but I like to top the low carb vegan lasagna with some seasoned bread crumbs for just a little crunch! 

Enjoy this tasty low carb vegan lasagna all summer long! It's perfect served with a side green salad!