Crispy Tofu Cubes

You'll need: extra firm tofu (cut into large tofu cubes), cornstarch, vegan bouillon or seasoning of choice, and soy sauce

Step 1: Combine the cornstarch and bouillon powder. Add the tofu cubes to a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with seasoning. Then, drizzle on the soy sauce and toss gently.

Step 2: Add the tofu cubes to your air fryer basket. Ideally, you want to lay them in an even layer, so they cook evenly.

Step 3: Air fry the tofu cubes until crispy at 370 for 25-30 minutes, stopping to shake the basket to detach them from the bottom every 5-10 minutes.

Serve these crispy tofu cubes over rice, stir fry, or any veggies. They're great on their own or tossed with your favorite sauce for a variety of flavors!

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