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Plant Power Couple is the husband-wife team of Terrence and Brittany Roche – two vegan amateur athletes and travel junkies whose number one passion is creating vibrant delicious food made entirely from plants and sharing that food with those they love (and now all of you!… if anyone is even reading this 😉 ).  PPC hopes to bring you a mix of veganized versions of classic comfort foods and super healthy disease-fighting powerhouse meals  along with some training and travel tips along the way!

Love Run
The Love Run Half Marathon

About Brittany

Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway


Brittany’s passion for cooking is very recent, and she is still learning the ropes!  Known to frequently burn things like beans, pasta, or even a pot of boiling water (ONCE), she hopes to be an inspiration to all culinary amateurs (basically, if she can do it, you definitely can).  Long-distance running and obstacle course racing have also recently become a passion of hers.  Whilst she would still describe herself as “slower than a herd of turtles”, she is learning to enjoy every step of the journey both in racing and in life.


About Terrence

Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race


Terrence has spent a great deal of time in the kitchen (over ten years professionally) and is most often the one who saves the house from going up in flames due to his wife’s kitchen mishaps.  He’s stayed relatively calm throughout her learning process, but almost broke when she burnt a few of his favorite pots and pans.  He is also new to the long-distance running and obstacle course racing worlds and has accomplished more than he ever thought possible.


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